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One Piece Capitolo 1013 Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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Chapter 1,013: "Anarchy In The BM” (BM is for Big Mom, the name appears in katakana).

In the cover, Sanji (with a knife in his left hand) is about to fight with a shark that looks like Zoro (it holds 3 swords and wears a haramaki) while Zoro is sleeping in the sofa. The shark is in the Thousand Sunny's tank.

Chapter starts where the last one ended. Usopp tells Nami there's no chance of winning against Ulti and Big Mom but Nami refuses to run away since she can't forgive Ulti. Ulti recovers from Nami attack and goes for her. Nami attacks Ulti with "Tornado=Tempo" but Ulti avoids the attack and grabs Nami. She is about to crush Nami with a headbutt.

Big Mom assembles Hera, Prometheus and Napoleon into a canon-like weapon (based in this Godzilla's films weapon) and shoots a new attack called "Maser Cannon" (鳴光砲 - Roaring Light Gun) a powerful beam that goes right through Ulti's stomach. Ulti's eyes turn white and she falls to the ground.

Hera is revealed, she is also a thunder cloud and is drawn a bit differently from Zeus (her lines are more curvy like Wanokuni clouds). Napoleon and Prometheus are very happy, they say unlike Zeus, Hera is very in sync with them. Zeus could never pull off a combined attack like the one they did now.

It is revealed too that Prometheus asked Big Mom to give him a girlfriend. But Hera doesn't care about Prometheus or Napoleon, she only obeys Big Mom. Nami sees Zeus hiding in a corner but she refuses to look at him since she's still angry. Big Mom notices Zeus, he apologizes to her and says he's happy to see new Homies joining the group.

Big Mom: "Zeus, I no longer requires you!!
Hera!! You can eat Zeus and become more powerful!!"

Hera bites Zeus and starts eating him. Prometheus and Napoleon talk about how Zeus let Big Mom fall to her death and how his stupidity slow them down again and again.

Big Mom pulls Tama away from Ussop. Big Mom says Tama that the Straw Hats are bad pirates and she shouldn't be with them. Zeus is crying and apologizing to Nami. Zeus says no one is kind to him like Nami is. But he's a coward so he can't refuse Big Mom's orders.

Zeus: "It's fine if you don't forgive me, Nami! I understand!!
But now, for the first and last time in my life, I'm going to rebel against Mom!
And I want you see me, Nami!!!"

Zeus then turns into a black thunder cloud and attacks Big Mom. However, Big Mom easily squashes Zeus with one hand. Big Mom then starts pulling Zeus' soul away from him.

Nami feels pity for Zeus so she shoots black balls at him, telling Zeus to eat them and gets away. But Zeus is too weak, so he can't reach the balls. Hera flies in and eat all black balls and Zeus too, giving her more power.

Tama tells Nami and Usopp to use this chance to run away from Big Mom so they all run away together. Big Mom gets angry when she notices Tama.

Big Mom: "Why are you running away from me Otama!?
I hate those that try to leave my side! I gotta kill them all!!"

Big Mom raises Napoleon and she's about to attack Nami, Usopp and Tama all together. But Kid appears and stops Napoleon. Then he grabs Big Mom's head with his huge metal hand and throws her head to the ground.

Kid: "Punk Gibson!!!"

Big Mom: "...!!

Kid: "Go away Strawhats!
She is my prey!!!"

Kaidou's subordinates: "Oh! "Captain" Kid~~~!!!"

Cut to Onigashima's rooftop. Kaidou in human form is standing alone, panting.

Kaido: "I knew it would end like this right from the beginning... Hah.
You are just a brat who obtains a powerful weapon and went ahead of yourself.
Human doesn't abandon hope. No, they are unable to abandon hope. Hah.
That's what makes thing troublesome for me.
I haven't gotten this fired up in a long time, so I made one mistake.
I should've cut your head and "declare my victory".
At this rate, everyone will just continue to believe that you can win against me..."

In a final epic spread we see Luffy, unconscious, falling in midair. Onigashima is floating far away above him...

End of chapter. Break next week.

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