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Chapter 1,014: "Life's Lousy Actor".

In the cover, Law is reading a riddle ("Try and catch a tiger in the painting") while the tiger painting is coming to life behind him.

Chapter starts with Kaidou. He says that Luffy may be able to cover himself with "Color of the Supreme King" Haki, but he still can't use it well enough. Luffy falls into the sea.

Kaidou: “”Gomu Gomu no”… and what? Wororororo…!!
So you too are unable to become “Joy Boy”…"

Bao Huang reports to Kaidou that Momonosuke has been found. Kaidou tells Bao Huang that he will head there immediately, and tells her too to make an announcement to everyone in the island.

Cut to the 3rd floor, Yamato is running and fighting with Kaidou's subordinates. Cut to the 1st floor roof. Momonosuke is reading Oden's journal and talks with Shinobu.

Momonosuke: "Shinobu, it seems that I absolutely must not die...!!"

Shinobu: "What are you talking about!? Of course you can't die, Momonosuke-sama!!"

Momonosuke suddenly hears some voices which gives him headache, he shouts.

Momonosuke: "What's happening!? Who is this!!?"

Cut to the “Live Floor”, Chopper is fighting Queen. Chopper grabs Queen’s neck and throws him to the ground but Queen is doing fine and laughing while Chopper is getting tired. Chopper and some samurais have some arrows in his back, it seems Perospero shot them.

Chopper doesn't have much time left in his Monster Point form. He thinks to himself that he has around 10 minutes left. Chopper regrets too not being able to hurt Queen despite he already is extending his Monster Point form.

Little flashback to when Chopper was on the Thousand Sunny with Ceasar. Ceasar checks Chopper's Rumble Balls and laughs that they can only transforms him for 3 minutes.

Ceasar: "If you incorporate my formula, you can extend up your transformation to 30 minutes.
Of course it comes with a risk, but you won't be afraid of that, right?"

Flashback ends. Queen uses a new attack called “Black Coffee” (ブラック光火 - Black Light Flame), the same laser beam from his mouth that he used against Marco. Chopper avoids it. Perospero prepares more arrows.

Bao Huang makes Kaidou's announcement. She says Luffy and the Red Scabbards are all defeated by Kaidou. In a great double page we can see reactions from around the island. We see Marco, Franky Shougun, Jinbe (he's fighting Who's Who in human form with punches and kicks), Hyougorou, Nami, Tama, Usopp, Robin, Brook, Sanji and Zoro. The Straw Hat crew doesn't believe the announcement.

Kaidou transforms into dragon form and flies back down to the castle via the hole Big Mom made with "Fulgora" attack. Big Mom laughs at Kid when she heards the announcement, but Kid says that idiot has nothing to do with me. Law seems stressed and worried.

Back to the 1st floor roof. Kanjuurou discovers the stairs to the 1st floor roof. Kiku and Kinemon reaches Momonosuke and Shinobu. Momonosuke is still in pain. Shinobu notices a Mary frog watching them, so now Kaidou's men know where they are.

Momonosuke: "Kinemon... I have to... tell everyone..."

Kanjuurou appears disguised as Oden again. Shinobu is in shock, Momonosuke cries becouse he thinks that guy is his real father. Kiku attacks him.

Kiku: "You can't fool me again this time!!
Everyone already sees through it!”

But in the last second Kanjuurou replies her (with Oden's face).

Kanjuurou: "Can you really do it, Kiku? I was the one who raised you and Izou, remembers?"

Kiku's hand trembles for a second and Kanjuurou stabs her. Kiku apologizes to Kinemon.

Kiku: "Sorry, Kinemon...
Since the lingering snow is melting away, the dawn must be near…”

Kinemon is enraged and cuts down Kanjuurou with one attack (this double page is amazing). Kanjuurou laughs.

Kanjuurou: "It's fitting that you be the one that close the curtain...
Since, on the stage, you and me were the closest friends!!"

With tears in his eyes, Kanjuurou falls to the ground, seemingly dead.

Suddenly Kaidou bursts into the room. Shinobu takes Momonosuke away while Kinemon stands and blocks Kaidou with his swords. In the final double spread Kinemon takes Kaidou's kanabo attack (Kaidou uses "Color of the Supreme King" Haki in the kanabo). One of Kinemon swords breaks, we can’t see what happened with him. Momonosuke cries while Shinobu gets away from Kaidou…

Momonosuke: “Kinemon…!!!”

At the end of the chapter, we can see that Onigashima finally reaches Wanokuni mainland...

End of chapter.

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