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One Piece Capitolo 1016 Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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Chapter 1,016: "It's Otama!!".

In the cover, ninja Zoro and ninja cat are hiding in the ceiling and they almost getting pierced by spears from below.

Chapter starts at the “Flower Capital”. We can see that Tengu Hitetsu is walking in the “Fire Festival” with Toko. Hitetsu explains how the “Fire Festival” is held for the dead. Toko asks whether her father is watching the festival too and Hitetsu says yes, Yasuie is watching over them and the future of Wanokuni as well.

Cut to CP0, they are analyzing the battle in Onigashima. Numbers was 24,000 from Kaidou's side Vs. 3,000 from samurai's side, but since the Pleasures and Waiters at the “Main Hall” switched their side, the numbers are now 20,000 warriors in Kaidou's side Vs. 7,000 warriors in samurai's side.

CP0 is surprised that the situation is becoming more and more unpredictable, then they receive information that Momonosuke has fallen off the island. If this information is announced, everything will fall in Kaidou's favor again.

Cut to Bao Huang, she prepares to make another announcement to all Onigashima.

Cut now to Nami, Usopp, Tama group. When the Clima-Tact starts talking, Usopp says maybe he's a genius and designed it this way by accident. Zeus explains that when he and then tip of Clima-Tact were bitten by Hera, his soul was pushed into the Clima-Tact. So now he is reborn in the weapon and the Clima-Tact can talk and change its shape by itself.

They finally reach the balcony at the Main Stage and see Bao Huang about to make the announcement. But suddenly, Usopp is knocked down by Ulti, who has been following them. Ulti catches Tama in her hand.

Nami attacks Ulti. Suddenly her Clima-Tact changes shape into spiked ball and hits Ulti's head. Zeus explains that Ulti's skin may be tough but her insides is in bad shape because of Big Mom's attack. If they manage to hit her with Big Mom's "Raitei" (Thunder) one more time, it should be enough to finish Ulti off.

But Nami can't use it because Tama is still in Ulti's hand. Suddenly, Usopp shoots his “Midori Boshi: Sargasso” (Green Star: Sargasso) at Ulti, which immediately grows and makes her let go of Tama by surprise.

Nami produces Zeus in cloud form again, but he says he isn't Zeus anymore so Nami should give him a new name.

Nami: "It's yur turn, "Wata" (Cotton)!!"

Apparently, the name is so lame that Zeus immediately ignores it.

Zeus: "I am Zeus! Nami's right hand!! Prepare yourself!!"

Nami then uses "Raitei" (Thunder) to attack her but Ulti manages to dodge it. However Zeus controls the lighting to follow Ulti and hit her at full force. Ulti falls to the ground.

Bao Huang is shocked and screams how Ulti and Page One are both defeated without realizing that her announcement mode is still on, so the whole island hears it. Usopp realizes Boa Huang's ability so he uses his “Midori Boshi: Devil” (Green Star: Devil) to catch her and tells Tama to make an announcement to the entire island.

Tama: "Thi....This is Tama!!"

Cut to Kaidou and Yamato. Kaidou flies up to the top of the dome in dragon form, then he changes to hybrid form. Kaidou mocks Yamato saying that both Luffy and Momonosuke are dead and Yamato can't protect them. Kaidou then asks if Yamato is planning to run away now that got rid of the handcuff.

Yamato: "I'm going out to the sea with Luffy! But before that we will kick you out of Wanokuni first!!"

Kaidou says he doesn't randomly chooses where he wants to stay. He chooses to stay here because it's Wanokuni.

Kaidou: "You have no chance of winning against me. Become the Shogun of Wanokuni, Yamato!!"

Yamato: "I know I can't win against you, but Luffy is the man Kouzuki Oden is waiting for! I will hold you back until he returns!!"

Kaidou: "Don't think I'm gonna go easy on you, Yamato!!"

Kaidou attacks, Yamato attacks too. Their kanabo clash and there is black thunder exploding from the impact...

End of chapter. Break next week.

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