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Chapter 1,017: "Order".

In the cover, Buggy turns his body into blocks puzzle and plays with a chimpanzee.

Chapter starts in the “Live Floor”, where Tama is about to give an order. However Queen shouts at her, and she becomes so scared that she faints and falls over.

Cut to the 4th Floor. One of the cat girls from Who's Who group shoots Jinbe while Who's Who laughs at him out loud. Due to constant interruptions from Who's Who's subordinates, Jinbe is unable to hold a 1 Vs. 1 fight against Who's Who. The same thing happens to Franky with Sasaki and to Inuarashi with Jack, they cannot fight in conditions because other Kaidou's subordinates attack them constantly.

Back to the “Live Floor”, Tama regains her sense while Nami and Usopp are cheering her. Tama musters enough courage to give an order.

Tama: "All Gifters who have eaten the kibidango...
I command you to help Luffy-aniki and Momonosuke-kun!!
Let's bring down Kaidou!!!"

While Tama talks, we see the Heart Pirates saved Luffy and now they are pumping water out of him. We can see too that Momonosuke is crying for Kinemon and Kiku in Shinobu's arms.

Following Tama's order, we see Gifters start to switch sides. Briscola, who was attacking the samurai, turns around and begins to attack Kaidou's subordinates who were accompany him. We see several more Gifters (like Hamlet) attacking his ex-teammates.

Tama's order has reached all Onigashima. We see the Gifters who were with Jack also began to attack other Kaidou's subordinates while Jack looks angry and Inuarashi is relief. The same happens on the 4th floor, we see that Poker (the user of Rattlesnake SMILE) is attacking Who's Who subordinates.

The CP0 are confused since they dont' know what is happening. The Gifters who flooded into the “Live Floor” to help Queen also switch side.

Queen realizes this is Tama's doing so he prepares a beam to shoot at her. Nami and Usopp escape with Tama and Sanji kicks Queen's head with his “Collier Strike” making Queen's beam explode in his mouth.

Queen: "Damn, is "Judge's son"!!"

Sanji: "Never call me that again!!
Are you part of that crazy research team too?"

Queen: "Are you talking about “MADS”!? That's all in the past now!!"

As he speaks, Queen transforms into his hybrid form. His body is roughly the same size as his human form, although he has a long neck and maintains his robotic tail (he now has a 3-hook "claw" on the tip). His right arm holds the human form (he has a sword in his hand) and his robotic arm's hand has another 3-hook "claw" like the one at the tip of his tail.

Cut to Chopper and Zoro. Due to new Rumble Ball's side effects, Chopper has been dwarfed. He has now the size of a baby (in fact, Tristan is holding him in the palm of her hands) and the samurai helmet he was wearing almost covers his entire body lol However, that is not the only side effect. Despite the fact that he has now the body of a baby, Chopper talks like an old man. This new Chopper's form is officially called "Babyjiji Chopper" (Old man baby Chopper).

Miyagi (the goat doctor) says there's a super recovery medicine they use in Zou. It can heal Zoro's body for a period of time but after the effect wears off, the pain will be doubled.

Zoro: "There's no time to think now.
Just give that drug to me!!"

Cut again to the 4th floor, Jinbe finally is fighting Who's Who 1 on 1. Who's Who draws his katana (that actually is a dagger) and uses it to attack Jinbe with “Hagan” (Knife Gun) that is like CP9's Shigan but using a knife instead a finger. Jinbe counters it with “Gyojin Karate: Karakusa Gawara Sei Ken”.

Who's Who uses “Soru” to avoid Jinbe's attack and then uses “Rankyaku” but Jinbe blocks it with armament Haki. Jinbe recognizes that Who's Who is using “Rokushiki”, which is a combat style the World Government uses to train its fighters. While Jinbe talks, Who's Who transforms into his hybrid form.

Jinbe: "I remember now.
Some time ago there was a rumor that one member of CP9 broke out of prison.
I thought it was curious that the Government's agent was arrested."

Who's Who: "Hahaha! So you remember it!
Yeah that's me!! I once saw you tho you didn't know me!!"

Who's Who was once one of the strongest agents, rivaling the genius Rob Lucci. But 12 years ago because of one "failure", he was thrown in prison. Who's Who then attacks Jinbe with “Gagan” (Fang Gun) using his teeth to send a shockwave. But Jinbe dodges it.

Jinbe: "I pity you for that. But it seems there's no grudge between us then!!"

Who's Who replies that no, but Jinbe proudly declares himself as a Straw Hat Pirate and just hearing that name pains Who's Who.

Who's Who: "12 years ago, an Akuma no Mi under the Government's protection was robbed during transport.
2 years ago, when Straw Hat Luffy started to emerge, I was shocked...
Because he has eaten the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” that was taken from us at that time!!!"

End of chapter.

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