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- Chapter 1,045: “Next Level”.
- In the Color Spread, Straw Hat crew is sitting together with letters “Sea of Liberation”.
- All chapter is about Luffy Vs. Kaidou. The battle is VERY FUNNY, you will enjoy a lot reading it (more than any Spoiler or summary).
- Kaidou comments how unusual Luffy's fruit is: it turns environment into rubber (like Paramecia) but also transforms user (like Zoan).
- Luffy uses a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Gigant” turning his entire body into giant. He looks like a God.
- Momonosuke and Yamato reach the rooftop and see Luffy's new form.
- Luffy runs out of energy, but he gets his drum heartbeat back and recovers.
- At the end of the chapter, Luffy punches Kaidou's face very hard.
- Luffy: "This is fun, right Kaidou?"


- No Break Next Week.


- Luffy runs out of energy but he gets his heart to pump blood(thanks to the drum heartbeat) and recovers.


- Yamato and Kaidou confirms that his hair and clothes turned "white". Now you know fan artists.
- Kaidou said his power is like an illustrated story, he even said it was an interesting 'show'
- Kaidou also says that Luffy is fighting using Haoushoku and Busoushoku and also giving influence to other things

-When Luffy loses all his energy, he realizes that the reason is because before he was about to die and that this form consumes a lot. Kaidou tells him to rest in peace, someone will talk about this fight in the future(like what he said to Oden when he was about to die) but Luffy says if he dies here everyone else will become bones.
Momo says that Luffy's "voice" is about to disappear, Luffy says that he can't lose here and repeats 4 names, "Momo, Tama, Kin'emon, Pedro" while he does something, Kaidou realizes what that something is and tells him that he will die but Luffy keeps doing it saying "Get loud, heartbeat sound!" and recovers his form.


Page 1
Kaido: pant pant...I thought...You were dead
Luffy: Me too! Ahhahaha
Kaido: seeing that the rubber is starting to affect the surrounding.. pant pant...It should be safe to assume that... It's the awakening of paramecia fruit
But... Something's off
That kind of "transformation" should be a zoan exclusive!
Luffy: hm?

Page 2
Luffy: gya!!
You bastard!!
Gomu gomu no....!!!

Page 3
Luffy: ... Balloon!!!
Kaido: damn you..!!!

Page 4:
Yamato: what's that?! What's happening right now?!
Momo: I don't have the slightest clue!! Kaido just inflated?!!
Kaido: damn it...!! What's going on?! MY body is not rubber!!
Luffy: ah! There's the lights!
Gomu gomu no....

Page 5:
Luffy: escape rocket!!!
Gomu Gomu no...
Momo: Luffy?!
Momo & Yamato: huh?!!

Page 6&7
Luffy: Gigant!!!
Yamato: who's that?!
Momo: huh?! Why do I hear Luffy's "voice" from that?!
Yamato: that's Luffy?!
Luffy: Gya!!
Gomu gomu no

Page 8
Luffy: fly rope!!
Kaido: blast breath!!!
Luffy: aw aw hot!!

Page 9
Yamato: oh no! That blast breath was a clean hit!!
Luffy: unforgivable

Page 10
Luffy: gomu gomu no
Kaido: pant pant.. Conqueror of three worlds... Ragnaraku!!!
Luffy: that hurts!!!

Page 11
Kaido: it's like straight out of a picture book..!!
Luffy: ouch it hurts
Kaido: that was an interesting "show" you just put on
But is that it? That's your limit? Then you can't possibly defeat me
Luffy: sha rup

Page 12
Luffy: who says I'm at my limit huff
Huh? Pant.. weez..
I'm tired...
Kaido: who the hell are you?!
Luffy: dats right.. I was just a da edge af deaf.. dis is draining...
Kaido: Just die then, rest assured that this battle of you guys’ shall not be forgotten...
Luffy: I don't need...That kind of stuff...!!
Huff huff
If we die..Only thing left are our bones shishishi!!

Page 13
Yamato: that's actually Luffy!! He looks completely different now with his hair and clothes all white like that
Momo: but his "voice" is fading now!!
Luffy: this isn't the end.. Isn't that right.. Momo!! Tama! Kin'emon!! Pedro!!
Kaido: worororo!
Hey, you're dying
Luffy: you still think.. I'm scared of something like that?!
Come on, my heart!!
Kaido: very well!!
Luffy: here they come! That's the sound!
Yamato: Luffy watch out!

Page 14
Yamato: huh?!
Luffy: that hurts!!!

Page 15
Luffy: three, two, one...Zero!!

Page 16
Kaido: (what's going on with this guy...
He turns all white...
coats himself with armament and conqueror haki...bringing changes to the surrounding...I have never seen such an unbound battle style)
A being capable of bringing me down doesn't exist in this world!!!

Page 17
Luffy: this is so fun!! Kaido!

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