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Chapter 1049: "The world we must reach"
- In the cover, someone burned Niji and Yonji’s book
- Kaido flashback time. We see his childhood in Vodka Kingdom, and where a few years later he met Whitebeard who told him that Rocks wants to meet him
- In the present, part of Raizo’s water leaves the castle and flame clouds disappear. But Momo makes a new one.
- Luffy says he will create a world where none of his friends would starve, then he hits Kaido and Kaido falls to the ground of the flower capital.
- In another flashback, Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the man that can defeat him.
- Break next week.


Question: Did Kaido just decide to invade Wano for no reason and make everyone's life worse?

Leaker's answer: That's not the reason, there's more to that conversation And while it still leaves questions to be answered, this chapter's flashback has explained some of Kaido's ideas and why he is that way.


Luffy's attack on Kaido indicates that Kaido has fallen but the leaker says to wait to see the pages to understand it


Flashback to Kaidou as a kid
His country tries to sell him to the marines but he escapes
He rampages in Hachinosu(i think it's blackbeard's island) and Rocks invites him to his crew
Young WB appears
Rocks flashback suddenly ends
Orochi's grandma invites Kaidou
The flashback ends with Kaidou telling King he knows who Joy Boy is.

Back to the inundation

Denjirou hugs Hiyori

Luffy's punch hits Kaidou

Flashback continues

King asks: Who is it then?
Kaidou: The one who will defeat me
King: Then he will not appear

Onigashima falls near the capital
Momo falls

Break next week


- Chapter 1049 : "The world we must aspire to."
- Flashback to Kaido childhood.
- He was sold to the Navy by his country but he escaped.
- Wherever he went he caused a ruckus and was recruited by Rocks.
- A young Shirohige meets him.
(We don't see more about Rocks).

- An old woman (Kurozumi Higurashi) recruits Kaido.
- The flashback ends with King asking Kaidou who Joy Boy is.

- We see what happens inside the castle.
- Denjiro is still hugging Hiyori.
- The clouds of flames disappear.
- Luffy gives Kaidou a powerful punch.

- Back to flashback with King and Kaido
- King's flashback continues: "Who is Joy Boy?"
- Kaidou: "The one who manages to defeat me."

- Onigashima falls near the capital.
- Momonosuke falls to the ground exhausted.


Chapter 1049: "The world we should aspire to"
- In the cover, someone burned Niji and Yonji's book
- Kaido flashback time.
- Kaido is shown as an 8 year old in Vodka Kingdom.
- The king of Vodka Kingdom tries to sell him to the marines for Reverie's participation.
- We see Kaido in the throne room in chains and being taken away by several marines but then he escapes.
- Kaido at age 15.
- He rampages in Hachinosu island (Blackbeard's base island).
- Rocks pirates come to the island.
- Kaido meets young Whitebeard, who told him that Captain Rocks wants to meet him (we don't see Rocks).
- Kaido is recruited to the crew as an apprentice.
- Granny Kurizumi Higurashi (Orochi's mentor) invites Kaido.
- Cut to bigger Kaido and King.
- The flashback ends with Kaido telling King he knows who Joy Boy is.
- Back to present timeline.
- Denjiro hugs Hiyori.
- The water from Onigashima Raizo and Jimbei spread, leaves the castle and lets off the flame clouds that were holding up Onigashima.
- Momonosuke starts making his own flame clouds.
- Luffy's punch hits Kaido.
- Kaido falls to the Flower Capital.
- Flashback continues.
- King: Who is it then?
- Kaido: The one who will defeat me!
- King: Then he will not appear.
- Onigashima falls near the capital
- The Flame clouds made by Kaido is disappeared.
- But Momo manage to create a new clouds and landed Onigashima safely.
- Break next week


Chapter 1049 The World we should Aspire to
Cover: “How?! The book at the research faculty start burning and the two brothers are freed!”

Luffy: Aaahhhhhh!!
Kaido: You’ve come a long way!!
You’ve done well to have fight against me for this long!! However…
There’s no way you could change the world!!

Vodka people: That’s amazinggg!! Kaido is the strongest soldier…and he’s only ten!!
Kaido: that’s not enough battles…!!
「46 years ago, at Vodka Kingdom」
Vodka People: our country can’t afford to stop participating in wars…we have to win and gather enough money for the heavenly tribute…or else we will lose our human rights in this world
Kaido: why does everyone obey those “celestial dragon” guys?!
Vodka people: Kaido that’s enough
Vodka King: you’re being drafted, go serve as a marine soldier
Kaido: why do I have to become government’s “dog”?!
The king: you’re too much for our country to handle
Marine: once you hand over Kaido, this country shall be granted the right to participate in the reverie starting…
Kaido: I’m not your political tool!!!

Marine: Kaido has escaped!!!
Bounty 70 million berries
Marine: Kaido has been taken into custody!!
He ran away again?!
It seems that he’ll be caught whenever he’s hungry!!
Does he think our prison ships are dining halls?!!!
「44 years ago, at pirates Island “Fullalead”」
Pirates: who is he?! He’s crazy strong!! And He’s only 15?!
Whitebeard: hey you damn kid, have you ever considered becoming a pirate?!
“Rocks” has been wanting to meet you…what do you say?
Pirates: Kaido has joined the Rocks Pirates!!
Aren’t they freaking invincible now?!!
Big Mom: Kaido this is big! Come immediately!! We’re going to “God Valley”!!

Pirates: Rocks Pirates has been broke apart?!! That’s a joke right?!! There’s no way, with all those monsters together!!
It seems that a marine soldier called Garp took them down!!
It must be internal conflicts, the concept of team work doesn’t exist in those guys’ brains…
Big Mom: where did he go?! Kaido!! Are you kidding me that bastard!!
Kurozumi Higurashi: it’s been 10 years since that incident…
Kaido, you are the “embodiment of force”
Brute force has been the solution…to all kinds of problems that occurred throughout human history…
And that’s no surprise, because humans are “animals”!! Survival of the fittest!! That’s how nature is!!
Kaido: Indeed, you’re completely correct!!
Higurashi: the remnants of Rocks will be taking the stage soon..!! A world where weapon is reason…
And I have a great deal for you…

Kaido: There are people who are born into nobility!! People in power who take peace for granted!! Let us drag them down onto battlefield!!
Pirates: yeahhhhhh!!!
Kaido: that is what equality and freedom means!!
Only in “War” is a person’s value defined!!!
Kaido: I don’t know from where, but Yamato has brought up the name Joy Boy…
King: !
Kaido: “Opening the border of this nation”…looks like Oden’s wish was a preparation for Joy Boy…
If it’s the same person as who you’re waiting for..then King, I know who Joy Boy is
King: ..? Who is it?

Momo: Luffy is going to win!!! He will win!!
Yamato: Do it Momonosuke!!
Momo: come out flame clouds!! Do as I say!!
「Inside the Skull Dome」
Kid pirates: wahhh!! Kya!!
Kid: huh?

Samurai: what is that sound?!
Raizo: save everyone, water of Zou!!
Brook: Ms.Robi…bohgouhbohgouh
Nami: water?!

Sanji: OSome chan!! Where did these waters come from?!
Franky: watch out you guys! Don’t be taken by the stream!
Denjiro: you..have done well…withstanding it for so long
For all these years..!! Lady Hiyori!!

Samurais and Pirates: ahhh isn’t the island falling?!
Yamato: the flame clouds has disappeared!! It’s over!!
Momo: Onigashima is..!! Going to fall!!
Kaido: Tell me Strawhat!! What kind of world would you be able to make?!
Luffy: ..!! I…

Momo: come flame clouds!!!
Luffy: where my friends..!!! huff huff.. Can eat to their heart’s content!! That’s the…

Luffy: world I want!!!

Past Kaido: King, I know who…
Joy boy is
King: who is it?
Kaido: the guy who can defeat me in the future!!
King: If so…then it’s unlikely that he will appear

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