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Chapter 1051 “Shogun of Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke”
cover: Germa’s Escape

Page 2
Citizens: there’s no need to run!!! Everyone stop!!
That dragon just now, he doesn’t seem to be master Kaido!!
What?! So there’s two of them now?! What’s going on?!!
What’s happening in front of the castle?
Why is lady Komurasaki here?!
Please explain Boss Kyoshiro

Kin’emon: while those two seem to be well known…I’m afraid the same might not be said about us…

Page 3
Citizens: K..!!
K..!! Sir Kin’emon?!
Why? Shouldn’t you be dead?!!
On that day!! In that burning castle, you should’ve..!!!
How can you be standing here?!
I knew we’re in a dream.!!
Or perhaps we’re in the underworld!!
We’re dead?!
Doesn’t matter if it’s a dream or something else, one thing’s for sure
Something big is about to happen isn’t it?!
Prepare the Light Scroll Snail!!
Show this to all of Wano!!

Page 4
Citizens: hurry!
There’s no mistaking it!
They’re the Akazaya Nine!!
Those who should’ve died 20 years ago!!
What Lady Toki said!! They were all real!!

Citizens: looks like something happened at the Capital…
Citizens: is it about the earthquake just now?
Citizens: I thought the village was going to be destroyed by it

Page 5
Citizens: hurry to Bakura town!!
There’s footage from the Capital being shown there!!
Babanuki: now is not the time for this!!
【Ebisu Town】
Citizens: what’s going on? Ahahahaha!!

Samurai: what happened, we’re receiving signals
Footage is coming in from the Flower Capital!!

Strawhats: Kaido’s son?!
Brook: what?! So the battle isn’t over yet?!

Yamato: Wait no!! I’m not your enemy!!
I even followed all you guys’ stories from newspapers!
Oh I thought most of you would not look like a regular human, but actually meeting you guys…you are surprisingly…

Strawhats: talk about your own horns!
Sanji: Kaido’s…?!

Page 6
Yamato: anyway! I’m “Kozuki Oden”! Also known as Yamato! And I’ll be joining you on your ship from now on! Nice to meet you all!!

Nami&Usopp: what?!
Franky: you want to be one of us?!
Brook: yohoho I’d say yes ♥
Sanji: big yes ♥
Robin: haha what an interesting one ♥

Jinbe: you can say that, but as long as it’s not coming from the captain it’s not settled

Yamato: you are right…I wonder if Luffy is alright..
His battle, his appearance…it was all so thrilling!
Hey! Who said you guys can run?!

Beasts Pirates: eeek!! young master Yamato we don’t want to be slaves!!

Page 7
Jinbe: definitely doesn’t seem to be our enemy
Hamlet: you guys! Just shut up and stay there!
Usopp: by the way, what’ll happen to those guys
Tama: my magic will wear off after the same moon passes
Usopp: so like a month?
Tama: while there’re animals who goes back to normal after a month passes, there’re also those that stays
I think they choose the life they find more comfortable

Speed: Master! I’m more happy the way it is now!
Tama: Umami chan! That’s what I was hoping for! But I want you to always stay by my side…not as a servant..more…like a mother

Samurai: look! Komurasaki and Kin’emon…everyone is kneeling! Who..?

Page 8
Momo: it has been 20 years since the passing of my father…Kozuki Oden!!

Citizens: father?!
Don’t tell me…

Momo: you all have done well!!
Surviving these long harsh years!
The Fire Festival will not end here! Starting from tomorrow!! Choose any ways of living as you like!

Citizens: what?!
But Orochi…

Momo: drink as much Sake as you like!

Page 9
Momo: no payment necessary for drinking water!
I won’t let poison that will kill this land flow out of those factories ever again!
We need no slaves here in Wano!!

Tama: Momo-kun?
(: 4 died in the factories today, tomorrow it’ll be my turn…
Citizens: Who’s going to tell her…
Who’s going to tell Otama about this?
Otama-chan…it kills me to tell you this…but your daddy…and mommy…are…..
Tama: Daddy Mommy!! Rest as much as you like! I’ll be fine!)

Page 10
(Tama: hats! Please buy one! Would you like to buy a hat?
Samurai: sorry…I don’t have money
Tama: anyone like a hat?!
Sorry Komachiyo! I couldn’t sell these hats
Hitetsu: can I get one of these…
Tama: huh! Lord Tengu?!!

Hitetsu: an orphan? It must have very difficult for you…
But, only a few years left…
Once the strong warriors under the name of Kozuki return!!
So comes the day that the Oni will be extinguished!!
Tama: Ko zu ki?
I’ll wait!! Don’t worry!!)

Page 11
Tama: sob…!!
Nami: Tama?!
Flashback Luffy: Tama!!
Tama: wahhhhhhhh!!
Flashback Luffy: We’ll make it so this is normal!!
By the time we leave this country
It’ll be a place where you can eat as much as you want
Every single day!!!

Momo: the days of Orochi’s tyranny…
And trembling in fear of Kaido…
Are over!!!
With the help of the trustworthy people we met at sea!!
With “Ninja Pirates Mink Samurai Alliance”,
We’ve raided Onigashima!!

Page 12
Momo: Kaido, Orochi, the “beasts pirates”!
We’ve punished all these evil that have been haunting our nation!

Citizens: huh..?!
You..defeated..those monsters?!!!
That accursed Orochi is no long around?!

Kid: what..alliance was that?

Momo: we mustn’t forget the honorable ones who have made this raid possible!!

Page 13
Momo: Kin’emon..what now?
What else should I say..?
Kin’emon: give them…the best bluff you’ve got!!
Flashback Luffy: Are you just for show?!
Is there anything in this world that you should be afraid of?!

Momo: t..this name that my father gave me…
Means that I’m second to none!
Under my lead, no doubt the dying land of our nation will be transformed into a paradise!!
For that we need manpower!! Please lend us your strength!
Transcending 20 years of time!! We’ve come to save you all!! From this moment on…

Page 14-15
Momo: I, Kozuki Momonosuke!!
Will rule over the Land of Wano!!!

Momo: (Mother!! father!! I have fulfilled my promise!!)

Page 16-17
Momo: (I’ll keep on…following your track!!)

Citizens: lord Momonosuke!!!
True heir of the Shogun family!!
Has come back!!
We’ve been waiting for so long!!
Lord Momonosuke!!!

【The flower petals drift in the air…
Heading toward the future
Where Warriors shall lay down their blades….
This is the famous Land of Samurais
Under the night sky of sakura stands a great man, age of eight!!
On his back are more duty and morals than average
In power he is somewhat lacking

…We hereby witness the birth of “Kozuki Momonosuke”
who shall later be known far and wide across the world!! As…
The “Great Shogun” of Wano!!】

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