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Chapter 1062 - Adventure in the Country of Science
Germa 66's Emotionless Voyage Log vol. 20 - "Otherwise, at Cacao Island, Chocola Town"

You say "Vegapunk"...?
That Vegapunk?!
You guys are loud...
Vegapunk! I have a lot of respect for you!
At your laboratory at your hometown of Baldimore, for two years... (textbox obscured by idiots) the giant robot(s) of my dreams!
That thing's tens of times bigger than General Franky! I want to show it to Luffy and Chopper!
A pretty girl! Vegapunk's a pretty girl!

Wait! I've never heard anything about Vegapunk being female!
The span of their career doesn't match their apparent age!
That's obvious! I'm clearly not "Stella!" (TN: written as real body, pronounced as "Stella" for some reason)
I'm "PUNK-02"! Vegapunk "Lilith!" (TN: written as evil, pronounced as "Lilith")
We're always tight on money here! Give me your valuables and I'll be done with you!
Ehhh?! What are you saying? On such a ridiculously cold sea! If you're going to scoop us out, at least rescue us properly!
I said I didn't rescue you!
Normally ships can't get through to this region of the sea! (textbox obscured by idiots)

...By these "Sea Beast Weapons," you see!
Sea Beast Weapons?!
So cool!
(textbox obscured by idiots)

(bottom right) Gyaaah!
(top left) (Den Den mushi ringing sounds)
Hey, "Lilith!" What are you doing?! Looting again?! You need more pride as a scientist!
"Shaka!" Quiet down. Can you increase our budget with your "pride"? (TN: written as "correct," pronounced as "Shaka," which is a name for the Buddha.)
For one thing, those folks aren't the type to surrender. That's the "Straw Hat crew"... The one that became a "Yonkou" the other day.
I know, right?! They've got to have tons of treasure!
If that's the case, you've made a mistake.
(textbox obscured by idiots)
No, you're underestimating them... Look at the swordsman on that ship...

"Pirate Hunter Zoro," with a 1,111,000,000 beri bounty.
The reason he's so calm is because, at that distance he could kill you in instant.
It's the same for the "Devil Child," Nico Robin behind him.
But...! What could they do against this amount of Sea Beast Weapons?!
"The strong" will first (textbox obscured by idiots)
Are those goofishly-acting idiots actually a decoy...?! i let my guard down...
Hey, Vegapunk... I've got a request. You okay with that?

It's fine, bring them over! I have an interest in that crew.
(PUNK-01 - Dr. Vegapunk "Shaka")
Have you been here before?!
When I was a kid... It was still a normal lab back then.
So what did you come to do this time?
(textbox obscured by idiots)
My father was made into a cyborg by Vegapunk's hands.
Ehhh? That's so cool!
By now he has lost all his sense of self as a human... He doesn't even know who he is.
He's been made into nothing more than a "living weapon"!
That's a real pleasant story you told...
Yeah... I can't stand for it.
S... Sorry, Bogey.
It's Bonney!

We made it to the surface!
All right! Let's search for food... Gyaaaaah!
That's right... I met Sabo at Mariejoa... Well, whatever. For now...
(textbox obscured by idiots)
A giant robot?!
A giant space monster?
There's all sorts flying around!

What's going on? I'm gonna go ride one!
(textbox obscured by idiots)
Gomu gomu no!
Be careful, Luffy!
Gyaah! Luffy got eaten!

Heeey! Are you okay?!
Huh? Hm? I thought I got eaten...
Ah!hh! A giant parfait!!!
Cookies, fruits! Plenty of cream!
Don't mind if I do!
Wait, wait you guys!
(textbox obscured by idiots)
This is some kind of trap!

Ehhhh?! I pass right through it!
It's right there, but I can't grab it!
(teeth grinding noises)
I'm way too hungry!
It can't be that we died without realizing it, right?!
There's no way we've got ghost bodies. That parfait must be a "hologram," right? It's the first time I've seen one.
What the hell is this! I'll never forgive this!
(textbox obscured by idiots)
An image?!

That giant space monster!
So that's why I slipped right through it!
That giant robot is the same, right? There's no way you could build something like that.
Hey, what's this? There's buttons, and pictures of food!
Give it up. Everything's a lie on this island.
I just noticed, but... The oceans near here are freezing cold, but this place...
This is a "southern country." Even though it's definitely a winter island!
(textbox obscured by idiots)
it's controlling the temperature of the island itself!
That's Kaidou-level incredible!
You're just hollow too, right?!
You bastard!!

A hamburger came out with a drink and fries!! Eh? Who made this?
I can touch it!
So good!!!!
Press the next one, the next!
"Steak"! "Omelette rice"! "Tonkatsu"!
"Cotton Candy"! "Cake"!
(textbox obscured by idiots)
I'm glad you like it. That's an "Unmanned cooking machine"!

As long as there's ingredients, it can serve 500 types of meals within a minute!
The "Do what you can with surplus ingredients" mode is the best!
"Pizza"! "Pasta"!
(textbox obscured by idiots)
Don't mess with me!
(monster) Gyaoh!
The "island air conditioning" is the same! It can manage the temperature throughout the island. Which also means it can detect the activities of organisms throughout the island!
If we could spend more money, we could even control the weather! But the world doesn't have enough capital for that technology!
You punched a "hologram"?!
"Waffle"! "Fried shrimp"!
That's right! With these "Photon Pressure Gloves", the light can act as more than just an exhibit!
Right! The moment a person touches something, they acknowledge it as an "object"!

Whether "it's there" or "it's not there"... You guys decide that for yourselves. To me, words like that are a concept from a past age.
So, what are you folks exactly?
Me, huh... I was hired as the humble "genius scientist," (textbox obscured by idiots)
(Dr. Vegapunk "Atlas") (TN: written as "violence," pronounced as Atlas)
(Bonney thinking) Liar. What is this thing saying...
You're Vegapunk?! I know that name!
Koby mentioned it!

(The new world)
In other words...
What are we supposed to do?
No, listen, Lucci. Vegapunk is alone!
But they're too much of a genius, and too busy! They don't have enough time. You know that saying, "I'd even take a helping hand from a cat," right? (TN: Japanese saying indicating being extremely busy, not sure of the context because...)
(textbox obscured by idiots)
So that means these six people are "cats"... All of them are Dr. Vegapunk.
(Dr. Vegapunk)
(PUNK-06, written as Desire, pronounced as Yohwa - not sure what this is a reference to)
(PUNK-05, written as Violence, pronounced as Atlas)
(PUNK-04, written as Knowledge, pronounced as Pythagoras)
(PUNK-03, written as Feelings, pronounced as Edison)
(PUNK-02, written as Evil, pronounced as Lilith)
(PUNK-01, written as Correct, pronounced as Shaka)
"Geniuses" really are a pain, huh...

To summarize, we return this shitty brat to "Egghead"...
And "wipe out every Vegapunk"... That's the mission.
The laboratory is full of precious items... Do it while being careful about those.
Wiping out the most useful man in the world... Is there some connection to the incident at Lulucia the other day...?
Not taking inquiries... Especially from someone with good intuition like you!
(textbox obscured by idiots)



Vegapunk Forms:

欲 Greed - PUNK 06 - York
暴 Violence - PUNK 05 - Atlas
知 Wisdom - PUNK 04 - Pythagoras
想 Emotion, Thought - PUNK 03 - Edison
悪 Evil, Maliciousness - PUNK 02 - Lilith
正 Kindness, Justice - PUNK 01 - Shaka


I suppose Vegapunk is saying strong people like Zoro know who they should defeat first. (In this case, Vegapunk Evil/Lilith is the target of Zoro.)

Zoro says, "You need to fulfill our request. Don't you mind?"

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