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Chapter 1,073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy".
In the cover, we see Vegapunk creating peaceful inventions (like tanks that shoot out flowers) while Caesar, Judge and Queen look at him disgusted.
Chapter starts where last one ended. Lucci attacks Stussy but he misses becouse he's attacking an illusion. Stussy uses a variation of Kami-e (Paper Art) technique called "Remaining Body" (or something like that, is "" in japanese).
While she distracts Lucci with the illusion, Stussy uses a lipstick with Kairouseki inside to weaken Lucci (she uses it to touch Lucci, like Smoker uses his Jitte). Then Stussy bites Lucci and he falls asleep like Kaku.
We discover that mysterious person with whom Vegapunk spoke was Stussy, and that it wasn't Vegapunk's intention that she became CPO member. Stussy can't overwrite Lucci's order to stop the Seraphim, becouse she's at the same level than Lucci in the "authority hierarchy".
Lilith and Edison came out of the "Labo". S-Hawk attacks Lilith before she can give the order to stop, but Zoro stops it. Zoro fights against S-Hawk during some panels (no new attacks, only one big clash). S-Hawk is in shock facing Zoro's strength.
S-Shark attacks Edison as he's giving the order to stop, but Sanji saves him. Then Edison managed to give the order and all Seraphim stop.
Luffy and Chopper are running around the “Labo❞ trying to find for the real Vegapunk, becouse he and Bonney disappeared (we don't see anything about real Vegapunk and Bonney in this chapter).
Cut to Sphinx Island. It's revealed that the Marines come to Sphinx Island while Marco was away in Wanokuni. But Weevil arrived and protected the village. However, Weevill was captured by Ryokugyuu.
Now Marco is with Miss Bakkin. She asks Marco to bring back her son and to give her Shirohige's inheritance.
Marco: "I appreciate you saving the village but..."
Miss Bakkin: "You doubt about my son's lineage? Then just ask Vegapunk!!"
Cut to the sea, to Kizaru's ship.
Kizaru brings some snacks and drink to an old man in the ship. Before that, Marines tested the food to find if it was poisoned. Kizaru talks with that man.
Kizaru: "Have you ever met Vegapunk?"
Old man: "Yes, just once in the past..."
We discover that the old man is one member of the Gorousei (Five Elders). Specifically, he's the one with a scar on the left side of his face and the gray dreadlocks. And we discover his name...
[World Highest Authority - Gorousei]
[Saint Jegarcia Saturn (ジェイガルシア・サターン聖)]
Saturn: "I regret that it has come to this!!"
End of the chapter. Break next week.


Page 1
Chapter 1073 - "Miss Buckingham Stussy"
Germa 66's Emotionless Voyage Log, vol.29 - Winning the Ibel Peace Prize for developing GP Flowers, which bloom in gunpowder

Page 2
Lucci: Kaku!
Lucci: I can't accept that.
Stussy: If you can't accept it... You go straight to murder?

Page 3
Good grief.
Must be because you're a wild man. <3
(pigeon noises)
(pigeon noises)
Damn you...
With you who are known to be strong and...
[watermark which makes it hard to translate the previous line]
(pigeon noises)
Forgive me... <3

Page 4
Hold on, what is all this?!
Why is CP0 fighting CP0?!
Did they have a feud in their own ranks?
This is "Stussy."
I put them both to sleep.
All right! Stussy took care of it for us!
York, get it together!
(snoring sfx)
Eeeh?! What's going on?!
Rob Lucci got taken out?!
Understandably, it seems he was taken by surprise... That woman was always on our side, working undercover for over 20 years.
So you put a spy in their information organization?!
It wasn't what we intended, but... That's how it turned out.

Page 5
That said, "Doctor"... Lucci's and my "authority" are on equal standing.
I can't overwrite the Seraphim's orders.
There's no way I can stop them!
It's quite sufficient! Stussy! I'm heading over there right now!
That's true! But still, those kids...! I don't know what's going on, but haven't I seen them before?
-That- one.

Page 6
Oddly enough, now it's easier to get outside!
Okay! We're out!

Page 7
Now that I get a better look,
Who are you really?!
That spooked me!
Leave it to me.

Page 8
"Consider this battle..."
Zoro: Hm?
Sanji: You mean this guy?
Edison: That was close!
Lilith: Edison!

Page 9
The Seraphim all stopped!
What are these things?! Explain!
Shaka! I've put seasone on Lucci and Kaku.
Thank you, Stussy. We will escape this island soon! You come with us!
(Ussop) Hey, now there's more people!
Heeeey, Bonney~! Where'd you go?!
(However, an incident was occurring.)
Old guy~!
(The whereabouts of Dr. Vegapunk "Stella" were unknown.)

Page 10
(New World, "Sphinx"...)
(The hometown of the pirate "Whitebeard.")
Oh, Marco.
That was really scary.
I wuzn't scared!
When the Navy raided here...
Ahh, I'm really sorry... You had to go through such frightening events...!
They said they'd seize Whitebeard's treasure! Almost like they were pirates!
If you play nice, we won't hurt you!

Page 11
This region is unaffiliated with the World Government! The "law" won't protect you!
There should be an enormous treasure from Whitebeard here!
If you don't fess up, it'll be considered an act of rebellion!
I wonder if you'll tell me, if I shoot you one by one?
Th...There's nothing like that here! Don't point a gun at my little brother!
...These scum!
...You sure about this?
You're putting on a tough act considering Marco's not here...
Hold her down!
Gyaah! Please stop! I said stop already!
Please stop, she's elderly!

Page 12
(under the watermark) Uoooooh! This is Daddy's hometown!
Hands off!!!
Captain Ratel!
Eh... Eh?! Edward...!

Page 13
It's Weevil!
The Navy was supposed to go after him when the "Shichibukai" were dissolved!
We lost contact with that force! They were beaten!
... All of them... (under the watermark) He really did have monster-level strength!
Return to the ship! Wait for reinforcements!
This is Sphinx!
The former Shichibukai Weevil has appeared!
We request reinforcements!
If that huge guy hadn't come here, this village would have been finished...!
Marco: He's a hero, I see... I'm truly glad everyone's safe.
Bakkin: On the contrary, Marco!
Who do you think came after that was over?!

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