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One Piece Capitolo 994 Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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- Title: "My another name is Yamato".
- One Piece is in break next week.


- Kinemon uses his fire cut to seal the wound on Kiku's arm.
- Kaidou says that he has always liked samurai and that death serves to complete a man's life.
- Kaido returns to his human form.
- Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe meet several Shinuchi (Headliners) but they manage to move on.
- Queen's bullets infect enemies and allies.
- Chopper believes that Queen must have the antidote.
- Queen gives Apoo the antidote and tells him that if they take it away, he will kill him. They start chasing him.
- Yamato blocks Momonosuke's attacks with his body.
- Yamato defeats a subordinate of Sasaki, Momonosuke asks him why he said the name of his father (this last part is not very clear).
- As in the title of the chapter Yamato says "My other name is Yamato and I can die for you!".
It looks like this and the image above are the end of the chapter.

Chapter 994: "My other name is Yamato".

In the cover, "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family last part. Bege's ship sails happily away from pursuing Marines.

Kinemon uses his "Kitsunebiryuu" to burn's Kiku's wound and stops the bleeding. Kiku gets up saying she's fine.

Kaidou says he likes samurai because they are always prepared to die. He's jealous of Roger and Whitebeard's glorious deaths, since it is death that completes a man. Kaido turns into human form (he's almost fine despite Red Scabbards' attacks) and the fight continues.

Luffy's group encounter 2 weird Headliners. On one hand Hamlet, a handsome gentleman-like guy... but his entire body is the head of giraffe. On the other hand Fourtricks... imagine a chicken but his face is at its butthole. Jinbe and Sanji take care of them easily.

In the main stage many people are infected by Queen's bullets. One of them is Omasa, the Yakuza boss in charge of the Udon region (the big guy with cat's whiskers). Chopper says it's impossible for him to make an antidote in this situation with this limited time, but he thinks Queen must be carrying one.

Queen says that everyone who gets turned into Oni will die in 1 hour. The Oni attacks indiscriminately, even Kaidou's subordinates and Orochi's samurai are attacked.

Queen announces that he will start a game and throws the only antidote bottle in the world to Apoo. Queen tells Apoo that he must protect it until everyone dies or he will be executed. Everyone in the room chases after Apoo.

Cut back to Yamato, Momonosuke and Sasaki. We see flashback of young Yamato wearing a mask in the crowd during Oden's execution. Yamato explains how she was there to witness Oden's death and Shinobu's speech.

Yamato then takes all the bullets that Kaidou's armored troop shots to Momonosuke. There's a huge explosion too, but Yamato is completely fine.

Yamato says she went to Kuri after the execution to save Momonosuke, but could only watch when Momonosuke was held by Kaidou at the top of the castle since she wasn't strong enough to do anything.

She then starts the fight, smashing one of Sasaki's subordinates (the porcupine one).

Momonosuke: "Who are you? A moment ago you use my father's name...?"

Yamato: "My other name is Yamato, and I will die for you!"

END. Break next week.

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